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Home Network Consultation

We provide a in depth home network review to build a bespoke solution to your home network needs.

  • Internet speed Analysis / Map

  • Fast home routers to replace your ISP's router

  • Router security & port vulnerability

  • WiFi security

  • WiFi speed and saturation

  • Data privacy setup

  • Advert blocking


flat fee

WiFi & Mesh Upgrade

Is your home WiFi not reliable or are you getting slow speeds?​

Every home has different needs and getting the right solution can be confusing.

We provide many different options for all your needs whether it be:

  • WiFi boosters

  • Mesh Systems

  • Separate IOT WiFi

  • WiFi 6

  • Outdoor WiFi

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Whole Home


Advertising is a constant feature of todays internet.


Whether it be Facebook, Google or even your internet provider. All these services capture your personal data to serve up advertising for profit.

We provide whole home ad-blocking solutions, so you'll never have to see another advert again.


Whole home VPN solutions

It's a sad fact that the majority of everything we do online nowadays is being tracked and logged. A VPN is an essential tool to ensure your data privacy across the web.

However, installing VPN software for your whole home network can be difficult. We specialise in VPN solutions for your home, installing and building home routers that protect your whole home network.


Home Media.jpeg

Home Media Severs

We build and install all types of home media severs.

Whether you want all-in-one entertainment boxes, Plex systems, Android TV systems or Kodi we can build and install the right one for you.

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Personal Home Cloud Server

Your personal data is important and keeping it away from prying eyes is equally important.
We design, provide and install the latest and safest home network cloud servers.
So you can be safe in the knowledge that your personal data, photos, and home videos are secure.


Smart Home


Building a safe, consistent home automation structure can be confusing.

With so many choices it can be hard to know which to choose.

We build and design full home setups on all the popular platforms so whatever you're looking to achieve we can help.

Network Hub and Cable

Complete Home Network

Is your home WiFi not reliable or are you getting slow speeds?​


  • With the majority of UK homes using WiFi, your providers WiFi hub could be using the same airspace as your neighbours

  • Having lots of WiFi signals using the same space creates congestion, and reduces your WiFi capacity and speed.



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