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Since our founding in 2019 covering the Bournemouth area. Home Network Specialists have expanded to ensure more people are able to get the most from the home networks & WIFI.


We now cover the majority of Dorset and surrounding areas in Hampshire & Wiltshire, and have plans to expand further to meet demands.

So if you are looking for a Home network installer near me or WIFI specialist near me, look no further.

(please note that if you fall slightly outside of the coverage area please do still contact us as the below is only a rough illustration)

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    There are many reasons for slow internet speed on both wired and WIFI connections. Determining the cause is why we at Home Network Specialists offer our free Network & WIFI Survey. We run through every potential cause and provide detailed recommendations and solutions based on our findings. ​ However there are a few steps you can take yourself to help identify the cause: ​ Poor Coverage Is your WIFI signal being blocked or degraded due to the distance from your router / multiple walls and doors between the router and your device? If this is the case try moving the device to a better line of sight to the router. Multiple Neighbouring WIFI networks In many situations you may see performance issues of your WIFI due to multiple neighbouring WIFI networks. You can check this by opening your "connect to WIFI settings" on your device and search for WIFI networks. If you see multiple other networks with good to excellent signal they may be causing issues in your WIFI. We can assist by optimising your home WIFI network to ensure that it utilises the best bandwidth and has better strength and signal. ​ Overstrain on your WIFI When you have multiple devices on your WIFI network all competing for bandwidth you will start to see stuttering and lower speeds. Devices that are streaming media content, gaming or video/voice calling over the network at the same time will quickly overwhelm your network if it's not capable of handling the data. Try hardwiring any devices that are heavy users of data such as media streaming devices or TVs ​ Using the broadband providers default Router/ WIFI It's long been a trend that the routers provided by the main broadband providers are simply not up to the task of todays demanding network requirements. ​ Typically the router that has been provided to you, is doing multiple jobs which should be broken out individually. A good example of this is the providers offering out "Extenders" or "repeaters". As the device provided is not powerful enough to distribute WIFI effectively, they provide these devices to cover areas which get no signal with a poor signal. We can help by performing a WIFI & Network Survey and providing bespoke recommendations for your individual case.
    There are many benefits to hardwiring certain devices, however it can be more difficult to achieve due to need to have a direct ethernet cable running from the router to the device you wish to connect. ​ When considering if you should hardwire your device it's best to think about the following: ​ 1. Will it be moved (tablet or mobile) or is it static (eg. a TV or desktop computer) If the device is static and can be hardwired then this will take strain off your WIFI network and be more reliable 2. Will the device be used for video or media streaming of HD/4K/8K etc? Again if the device is static and is primarily used for content consumption, then hardwiring the device to your router is very highly recommended. Due to the amount of data being consumed by the device it can take up a large portion of your WIFI bandwidth and cause other devices to suffer speed and cause stuttering. ​ 3. Is the device being used for work purposes? Generally we advise that any devices that are being used for work purposes be hardwired in some fashion. The direct connection to the router means that your devices connectivity will be stable and not suffer outages or be constrained by the other devices on the network streaming content or video/ voice chatting ​ 4. How many people are using the network and how many devices are connected to it? If you have more than 3 people using the WIFI network and they are using a multitude of devices, then your WIFI will start to be come strained as it tries to ensure everyone and every device is provided with connectivity. With more devices being connected and having heavier demands technologies such as WIFI 6/6e have been introduced to help combat this. ​ 5. Does the device connect over 2.4Ghz / 5Ghz or 5Ghz WIFI 6/6e? If your device is connected via 2.4Ghz and requires media streaming it will struggle to provide this if multiple devices are using the same band. ​
    Depending on your needs and desired outcome we tailor our work to each clients needs. As such it can be hard to advise on an exact time to complete. ​ However with this being said we generally install the following solutions in: ​ New WIFI Mesh install 1-2 Hours ​ Multi WIFI Access point solutions 2-6 Hours Depending on the amount of access points you need and the locations to be installed in. Garden Office/ Outbuilding Connection Install 1-2 Days Depending on the complexity and number of Access points required. ​ Whole Home Ad-Blocking 2-3 Hours ​ Home VPN Setup 2-5 Hours
    We specialise in designing, installing and connecting your existing home broadband and WiFi to your outdoor buildings. Depending on your requirements this can take no more than 1 day to install and is future proofed to work with all providers should you change in the near future. Give us a call on 07968 303 722 or submit an enquiry today.
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