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WiFi, Wired & Smart Home is an ever evolving landscape. With more solutions and products being brought to the market it can be hard to ensure that you are providing the best solutions for your clients.

At Home Network Specialists we can help. Providing expert knowledge, guidance and installs to help your business grow it's offering.

We work with many small & medium sized businesses across the south west on incorporating the best cost effective maintenance free solutions across all areas of connectivity and smart home integrations.


If you have a client who wants to include home network setups wired & wireless or if they want to to include smart device integrations or media setups. We are happy to provide consulting services based on your customers requirements and guidance on how to implement these into your offering.

Reach out to us today on how we can help you grow your business offering.

Planning & guidance
Planning & guidance

Connectivity & Smart device integration is fast becoming a major factor in your clients descion making.

We offer a initial consultations, planning and specifications service to help you win your propestive clients business.

1st Fix Installs
1st Fix Installs

Is your project already on the go and the client wants wired and wireless connectivity?

We can visit site and provide recommendations, guidance or install to get the project fully connected.

Home Broadband extension installation
Home Broadband extension installation

Building an extention, garden room or new outbuilding?

We design, setup and install fast reliable and maitenance free broadband from the existing home setup.

Home office/ small office setups
Home office/ small office setups

Secure and fast adapted internet setups for small businesses running from home

  • Internal wired ethernet connections for dedicated hardware

  • Fast multi user WiFi solutions

  • Secure VLAN based networks (running separately to the private home WiFi)

Outdoor full coverage WiFi package
Outdoor full coverage WiFi package

Is your client looking to have full outdoor WiFi coverage for their new setup?

Our outdoor full coverage package will get them setup in no time and ensure they can enjoy fast reliable connectivity with maitenance free solutions

Fully Connected Smart Package
Fully Connected Smart Package

Full supply, install and comissioning of smart devices inc.

  • Smart lighting

  • Smart multi zone heating controls

  • Smart security cameras

  • Smart window sensors

  • Smart door locking

Smart Lighting package
Smart Lighting package

Lighting integrations (inc. but not limited to)

  • Phillips Hue

  • Govee

  • Nanoleaf

  • Wix

  • Lifx

  • TP Link

  • HiveSmart switch solutions (smart integration which is wired into existing electrical wiring)

Smart Heating Package
Smart Heating Package

Smart heating integrations

  • Hive

  • Nest

  • Drayton

  • Honeywell

  • Tado

  • Smart electric radiators

Smart Security Package
Smart Security Package

Smart security devices

  • Smart doorbells (Ring/Nest/Ubiquiti & alternatives)

  • Smart security cameras

  • Smart Locks & window security

Connected Home Entertainment Package
Connected Home Entertainment Package

Extending and provisioning of media services such as:

  • Virgin

  • Sky

inc. multi user/tv setupsHome cinema setups inc. (sound, TV, projector, gaming and streaming)

Home media server setups (inc. the building and provisioning) of Plex home media servers

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