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Whole Home Ad-Blocking

Whole Home Ad-Blocking
Price :

Starting from £85

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Advertising is a constant feature of today's internet.

Whether it be Facebook, Google or even your internet provider. All these services capture your personal data to serve up advertising for profit.

We can help by installing a dedicated ad-blocking solution, which blocks ads from reaching your devices across your home network.

It's completely self sufficient so no technical no-how is required, and has a simple web based application so you can monitor and adapt your preferences.

It's a simple effective way to help safeguard your data and also stop advertisers reaching your family.

Speak to us today to find out more.

Depending on your needs & requirements there are differing levels of Privacy & ad-blocking which can be implemented in your network.

Basic Package

This is a simple but effective way to increase your network's security and ability for advertisers to reach you at home.

This consists of:

  1. A complete discovery of all devices connected to your network

  2. Removal/ blocking of any devices not owned by you

  3. Configuring your router to utilise whole network ad-blocking focussed DNS servers.

  4. Bespoke configuration of specific websites to be blocked

Advanced Package

This level will go into more granularity of the security and ad-blocking of your network. Segregating your WiFi network into different networks with differing levels of access to your personal devices.

This consists of:

  1. Everything contained in the Basic package

  2. Setting up enhanced firewall rules to ensure unwanted outside access is blocked

  3. Optional dedicated local Ad-Blocking DNS server

  4. A secure WiFi & home network for your personal devices

  5. A guest network with limited access to your secure network

  6. Assigning Smart / IOT devices to a restricted network with no direct access to your secure network

Complete Package

This level gives complete control and personalisation of the security and ad-blocking of your home network.

This consists of:

  1. Everything contained in the Basic & Advanced packages

  2. Installation of a Dedicated secure router with Virtual local networks

  3. Integrated PFSense or PiHole local DNS server

  4. Local VPN Server to connect to your home network remotely from anywhere

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