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Garden office & Outdoor WiFi Installation

Garden office & Outdoor WiFi Installation
Price :

Starting from £500

Est. Install time :

1-3 Days


  • A working broadband provider connection

  • 30mins of downtime on your WiFi

  • Access between house & outdoor building/ area

Today, more UK residents are giving up their office commutes and using their garden offices to work from home.

With more people than ever working from home and garden offices on the rise, the issue many are facing is that they do not have robust network & WiFi connections in their outside buildings.

At Home Network Specialists we have designed & installed WiFi to over 50 homes across Dorset and have a wealth of knowledge and experience to find the right solution for you.

Our expert team can design and install a professional solution which ensures you get the connectivity you need.

Extending your WiFi outside & to outbuildings

All our installs are designed to integrate seamlessly with you existing home network and work with all major home broadband providers. What's more if you change you broadband provider down the road, there is no additional changes required as it's a simple switch over you can do with our guide provided on installation.

Typically we provide the following in all our installs, however if you require additional aspects we can build the solution that's right for you.

  • Direct hardwired connection from your house to the outbuilding

  • Ethernet access points in your garden office/ outbuilding

  • Full coverage fast WiFi with the same speeds you get direct from the provider

  • Full integration to your current setup so no additional WiFi passwords to remember

Other Connective options

Although a hardwired connection is the preferred option, sometimes this is just not possible based on the sistuation at your property.

In these instances we also provide the following solutions:

  • Outdoor Wireless access points

  • WIFI Range Extender

  • Point-to-point WIFI Network

Each of these solutions have their own benefits and depending on your requirements we can advise and inistall the best solution that fits your needs.

Speak to us today to arrange a visit and quote to get you up and running.

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