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Price :

Dependent on requirements

Est. Install time :

1-2 days


  • A working broadband provider connection

  • Access between house & outdoor building/ area

If you're looking to invest in home security Home Network Specialists have you covered.

We specialise in designing, installing and commissioning home security into your existing home network & property that is tailored to your needs.

So if your looking to increase your home security and want to ensure easy management and away monitoring we can help.

Protect Your Home with CCTV

At Home Network Specialists we provide Home Security that's affordable, easy to manage and fits into your existing home network setup.

We specialise in both smart camera security and dedicated IP CCTV systems.


IP CCTV Systems

These dedicated systems are bullet proof and are typically the best solution if you want 100% always on coverage of your property. These installs will come with a base management unit which powers and monitors all your devices. All footage is locally stored and accessible remotely via encrypted feeds.


  • Easily scalable to your particular needs

  • Not reliant on cloud based storage so is more secure and reliable

  • One of cost for system and no ongoing subscription charges

  • No down time if internet access goes down

  • Better anti-tampering and theft proof design

  • No need to recharge (100% uptime)

  • Local recording


  • Better suited to large properties

  • Hardwired requires professional install


Smart Camera Security Systems

Smart security cameras systems are consumer grade solutions which are increasing in popularity. These devices are best suited to smaller properties and are typically integrated via an app and cloud based storage.


  • Easy to install

  • Wireless

  • Can be cheaper than dedicated security camera solutions


  • Typically have a subscription model which increases based on the number of devices being used

  • Primarily cloud based storage so if your internet goes down, the cameras will not work or record

  • Wireless devices will need to be removed periodically and recharged

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