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Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting
Price :

Dependent on configuration

Est. Install time :



No pre configuration is required aside from working WiFi

Quick, easy and effortless smart home lighting for your home

At Home Network Specialists we have a wealth of experience in designing, installing and commissioning smart lighting solutions for our clients.

We tailor the solutions to your needs not the other way around so you get the best possible lighting solutions for your home.

The quick benefits of smart Lighting

  • Set automatic timers for your lights

  • Control your lights with your voice or you phone

  • Create schedules to turn them on & off in sync with the sunset & sunrise

  • Easy motion activated or house occupancy enabled

  • Create routines for common scenarios like watching a movie


Smart Switch, Smart Bulb or Smart Plug?

There are two variants of smart lighting on the market today plus a related category of smart plugs. Picking between the these does not lock you into a specific ecosystem. Rather choosing the right solution for differing rooms and functions is a key aspect to getting your smart lighting exactly how you want it.

Smart switches

Instead of your regular light switch, these are replaced with a WiFi enabled switch. Thus allowing you to switch your lights on & off easily by controlling the power to the lights directly.


  • Enable smart functionality across all lights connected to the switch

  • Good for hard to reach and outdoor lights controlled by interior switches

  • No need to buy new bulbs

  • Work with dimmable lights (dimmable leds)


  • Generally more expensive

  • Dimming, motion sensing features are on the premium scale

  • No colour control

  • Have to be hardwired to your electrical wiring

  • Majority require a neutral wire which not all uk home light switches have

Smart Bulbs

The most popular type of smart lighting is smart LED bulbs, mainly because they are easy to install and set up. While they used to be an expensive option with only a couple of players dominating the market. This is now a very cost effective option and the range and styles on offer growing everyday.


  • Energy efficient LEDs

  • Many different types of filament (effects)

  • Nearly all are dimmable

  • Different colours and white balances

  • More customisable than smart switches


  • Reliant on the light switch being left in the on position

  • Don't work if light switch has been turned off

  • Potentially multiple different brands/ ecosystems

  • Sometimes require a hardwired hub

Smart Plugs

The final category of the smart lighting. Many of us have lighting in our homes currently which are not controlled by a light switch but rather plugged into wall outlets. Happily there is the option of Smart plugs, which will work exactly like a smart switch and bring all your lights into the smart realm.


  • Easy to install

  • Quickly turns a dumb light into a controllable smart light


  • Only controls the power on & off

  • No dimmable option

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