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Home WIFI Installation

Home WIFI Installation
Price :

Starting from £100

Est. Install time :



  • A working broadband provider connection

  • 30mins of downtime on your WiFi

The Home Network Specialist WiFi installation service ensures that your household is getting the speed and coverage that it needs.

Your home now contains more WiFi enabled devices than ever before. As a result, it has never been more important to have your network professionally installed.

All our installs are uniquely tailored to your needs and we take pride in ensuring you receive full reliable coverage throughout your home.

Every install we complete comes with the following:

  • Guaranteed full coverage across your property

  • Futureproofed hardware to ensure it remains fast and reliable in the years to come

  • Works with any provider so switching from one provider to another is simple

  • Secured with enhanced firewalls enabling you relax knowing that no one is able to piggyback your network

  • Privacy focused optimisation, utilising privacy focused dns providers which do not track your usage to sell on to advertisers

Home Wifi packages from Home Network Specialists give you the convenience of fast full coverage WiFi and seamless integration to your existing home network.

They can also save you money in the long run by future-proofing your network and providing dedicated aftercare.

An example below of one of our solutions recently installed at one of our clients properties

Network Image diagram

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