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Home Network & WiFi Survey

Home Network & WiFi Survey
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  • A working broadband provider connection

  • Access to your network

  • Access to your WiFi

Without properly installed home WiFi you run the risk of an unreliable connection, slow download speeds and dead spots in your network.

Poor WiFi hardware, placement and competing neighbouring WiFi signals amongst other factors all contribute to poor performance.

Our Home network & WiFi Survey will determine what can be done to improve and optimise your setup and how to ensure the best possible connections inside & out.

We will:

  • Analyse your current hardwired broadband connection to determine if you are getting the speeds you pay for.

  • Perform a detailed WiFi survey of your property to determine the signal drops and dead spots (see the example below)

  • Analyse the neighbouring WiFi competing for the same bandwidth and provide recommendations for optimisation

  • Review & report on the security/ privacy of your network and connection

  • Identify any rogue connections on the network

Whatever WiFi issues you are experiencing, Home Network Specialists can resolve, optimise and ensure you are getting the best performance for your needs.

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