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How to prevent Home learning from slowing down your internet

With the additional strain of home learning, is your home internet struggling to fit your needs?

Typical WiFi routers provided may not be up to the task of multiple online video sessions. The good news is that you can address and fix this easily.

Step 1 - connect to the faster band


Ensure your devices are connecting to your routers 5ghz channel. This is as easy as splitting out your current WiFi signal by going into your routers settings.

Increasing your WiFi 5ghz bandwidth from 40vht to 80vht can also make a big difference. Doing this increases the amount of traffic you can send back and forth through your WiFi. This can be found in your router's WiFi settings page under Wireless.

Step 2 - prioritise your video traffic


Enabling QOS (quality of service) on your home router. Qos manages the network traffic passing through your router and prioritises services like video streaming and chat.

(Note that not all providers WiFi routers have this setting. Buying a router with QoS capability is a simple way to get better video streaming performance.)

Step 3 - Your best option


Using a wired connection to your home router via a network switch eliminates the bottleneck of WiFi bandwidth. This is the best option to ensure that your internet traffic and home network traffic are kept at the best standard.

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