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How to install WiFi in your garden office/ outbuilding

Garden office with WiFi connectivity

With more people than ever choosing to work from home. People are looking to have WiFi installed their garden office.

However there is a problem, how do you get reliable fast connectivity to your office outside your home at the bottom of the garden?

It's a question we are asked all the time and we pride ourselves on providing the solution to our clients.

If you are looking to extend your internet and WiFi to your new or existing garden office and have fair to good DIY skills, read on.

Alternatively Home Network Specialists provide cost effective solutions which are guaranteed to provide fast WiFi and network connectivity. We provide bespoke solutions for our clients which require no prior technical knowledge and are completely transferrable between broadband providers.

WiFi extender or Mesh WiFi

This is a good option if you have limited budget and would like to DIY a solution. As long as your outbuilding/ garden office is close enough to your house and to the WiFi router, buying an extender could help bridge the distance and provide adequate WiFi to your outside office.

Power line extender

Another good DIY option if you have limited budget. As long as your garden office/ outbuilding has power. You might be able to implement a powerline solution by plugging in a hardwired Ethernet cable to a powerline extender and then plugging in a receiver in your outside property.

WiFi Point to Point

This is a fairly technical and expensive option. However it's one that definitely has it's place. This involves specialist hardware which plugs into your existing home network and then sends the connection from a transmitter to a receiver located at the desired outside building.

This is a good option if the outside building is over 100m from your property and has a direct line of sight.


This is the most reliable and cost effective solution. However it does require good DIY and technical skills. It requires you to directly connect your home router to your outbuilding via a dedicated ethernet cable.

You will need to drill through your main properties wall, run a hardwired outdoor rated ethernet cable to the other building and then install a dedicated WiFi access point connected and configured to your home network.

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